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For many, buying a used car is one of the worst scams, because you never really know how it will turn out. However, if the precautions of the case are taken, this does not have to be this way.

Ideally, once you have started looking for possible models

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You should consider a number of factors that will help you verify that the vehicle is, in effect, in good condition. Remember that it is not enough with the word of the seller, who will say everything as long as the car is taken, it is better to resort to the opinion of a professional, that is, submit the possible new car to a review with a mechanic.

In addition to the review, mileage and other related to driving, these are 3 aspects that not everyone considers, but it is important to check before deciding:

If it was used for something else: If it was used to transport cargo, school mobility, taxi or even as a public transport vehicle. Even if you don’t believe it, this gives you more lights as to the condition of the vehicle.

If it has been repainted: A car that maintains its original painting always has more value than the one that was repainted. Verify this so you don’t get overcharged

If you have pending fines

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An extremely important point that many overlook. Verify that the license plate does not have any type of infraction or fine pending, that it has not been reported stolen and that it has all the payments up to date (SOAT, vehicle tax, insurance, etc.).

The used car can be the dream, as long as it is chosen carefully. Do not forget to pay attention to the type of financing you will use, since vehicle loans are also used to buy used cars.

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